This is the day that is. How it completely became to be is beyond our understanding. I believe in science and the methods used to understand what is all around us, but I will not argue with that which is intuitively known by every cell in my body.

That which I call my faith belongs to me. It will never be used by me for harm.

So I go to the water dressed with white with doves upon my cloth. I go to finally be purified of the hooks of trauma. I offer myself.

That which I know to be sacred, I give freely. That which I believe is personal. I know. That which I do is my pledge. I am.

Let the pillars attend on each corner. For today, let armor be set aside

Michael, lay your sword in the water and I lift it back to you. A new world comes for you. Purified, your instrument is ready.

Gabriel, lay your mouthpiece in the water and I will hand it to you. It will be sanctified. As the bandleader comes to hold my left hand for Maria, let your horn resound.

Raphael, your arms lift me from the water. In your green spirit, we begin a season of renewal. Let the fronds unfold and lay open to the sun- proudly.

Uriel in Jeremiel’s cloth, it is your flames I bring to the water today. I bathe myself clean. The purge of orange overflows and settles into the wooden square.

Sacrifice met. Let this metamorphosis come.

Jason- I call you here as witness.

Jean de Maman- I call you here as witness.

Frances of Nan- I call you here as witness.

Jo of Grace- I call you here as witness. It is you who I resemble and have cast a seal.
Sì. Mi chiamano Mimì
Ma il mio nome è



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